Sunday Worship Services

 We are back to our normal service time of 10:30am. We will continue to social distance and wear masks per CDC Guidelines.

  The service will also be recorded to watch later so if you can’t attend in person you may watch it on YouTube or our Website. 


UnafraidLiving with Courage and Hope in Uncertain Times


Fear is a complex emotion.  It can often rob us of the life we want.  Fear brings worry, anxiety, leads to bad decisions, broken relationships and infects much of our culture.


 We will examine how to understand and counter fear from God’s Word. We will look fears from crime, race, and politics that have gripped us this past year.


 We will take time to see personal fear of failure, disappointing others, and loneliness.  We will look at areas of fear regarding  finances, aging, illness and dying. 


 These and other topics are things that God calls out to us, “Fear Not” or to be Unafraid. We can live with courage and hope even in uncertain times.  


Join us for this 5 week series as we identify fears and discover practical biblical steps for overcoming them and living with the peace of God in all areas of our lives.







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