Sunday Worship Services

10:30 am- North Marion Primary School

20257 Grim Rd NE- Aurora, OR



Sermon Series:  “Image of God”

The fundamental truth that is at the heart of who we are is that every single human being has a given identity. We bear the image and likeness of God.  This identity establishes for every single human being both dignity and value. 

We will look at topics of what it means to bear God’s Image and the implications that will go against much of what our world believes. Come along with me and see who God has created us to be, the affects of the Fall (sin) on our image and how Christ is about restoring the Image of God in us. I’M EXCITED FOR YOU TO LEARN WHO GOD MADE YOU TO BE!!  I hope you will join us for this important series.

¨ Image of God in Man’s Nature

¨ Human Dignity (Characteristics/Relationships)

¨ Cultural Mandate- Stewardship

¨ Fallen Image 

¨ Male and Female- Gender/Sex

¨ Male and Female- Marriage/Family

¨ Jesus Christ- Restoring our Image





























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