Welcome to North Marion Fellowship


We meet at North Marion Primary School


Sundays at 10:30am


Sermon Series       

James– “Faith that Works”

We are starting a new series from the book of James.  The theme of this book is to have “A Faith that Works”. Do you have a faith that is strong and functioning as God desires?  James tackles issues such as facing trials, the affect of our words, seeking God’s wisdom, genuine faith and facing spiritual battles in our culture.  Join us as we develop a deeper faith that works.


Mar. 5         James 1:1-18                 

Mar. 12       James 1:19-27               

Mar. 19       James 2:1-13                  

Mar. 26       James 2:14-26                


Apr. 2         James 3:1-18

Apr. 9         Easter- Hope in the Resurrection     

Apr. 16       James 4:1-12

Apr. 23       James 4:13-5:6

Apr. 30       James 5:7-20


May 7          RIMI representative- Joel Varghese



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