Ecclesiastes- “Let’s talk about life”

What’s life all about? Is life “meaningless” as is often mentioned in Ecclesiastes? Yes, life is full of many pursuits we can go after such as work, seeking pleasure or money and all it can bring us, get revved up about politics, seek wisdom in education or focus on religion. But if we choose God in the midst of life’s pursuits, turmoil’s and difficulties we can learn and experience great lessons about joy, grace, obedience and gratitude. Even though His name is never mentioned in Ecclesiastes we will see that Jesus and His way is what will ultimately bring true meaning to this life. Come join us and “Let’s talk about life.”

Roar-“Life is Wild… God is Good”

2019 VBS is scheduled for

July 22nd – 26th.

Preschool through 6th grade

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